Software Development Trends to Follow in 2021


Artificial Intelligence

Low-Code Development

  • The use of visual methods and models is much faster than development by writing code. Therefore, low-code platforms use built-in components to display information in a format that anyone can understand.
  • Leading low-code systems offer a lot of out-of-the-box functionality that does not require building basic modules from scratch. For example, some of them contain ready-made tools for data customer relationship processes management.
  • Each platform contains drag-and-drop functionality. It is one of the most useful tools that greatly simplifies the development process and is actively used by both analysts and developers.
  • Cross-platformity is a useful property of low-code systems. You can create applications that will be compatible with different operating systems and will work on different devices.
  • A low-code platform speeds up the software development cycle, simplifies debugging, testing, and deployment of applications. It provides users with access to information about the applications created.

Progressive Web Applications

  1. PWAs can be downloaded to any gadget, regardless of the screen size, or any other tech specifications.
  2. PWAs are fully compatible with Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari.
  3. Application developers claim that building a progressive application is easier and faster than a regular website.
  4. No backward compatible API is required. Unlike desktop apps, users run the same version of the site code.
  1. Easier Navigation. Users can navigate to progressive apps from links on social networks, while browsing the web, or directly from SERP.
  2. Less Importunity. An offer to install a progressive application is shown only when the web application meets certain criteria and the user has shown interest by revisiting the site.
  3. Smooth installation. PWAs are installed instantly. All components that require a time-consuming download were already installed in the cache when the user first visited the site.
  4. Less Memory Required. Progressive apps are much smaller in size because they leverage the power of the browser.
  5. Convenience. Pop-up notifications, work offline, and all other features of a progressive application will work even if the visitor has not installed it.
  6. Omnipresence. Regular applications can only be used on the platform for which they were created. Meanwhile, web applications are ubiquitous in their use.




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