Implementing a Customer Data Platform: 5 Essential Steps to Take

  1. Collect data from different sources;
  2. Unify data into customer profiles;
  3. Save, update, and change customer profiles;
  4. Segment users to improve target marketing.

1. Making the Right Decision

  • Which tasks do you expect your CDP to perform?
  • How are you planning to use your CDP?
  • Will you find customer data unification and segmentation enough or would you need complementary functions?

Go Into Details

  • Unification of offline and online activities to create a complete customer profile;
  • A CDP as a command center for all the marketing tools and channels;
  • Segmentation of consumers based on their tastes or behavior;
  • Prediction of the possibility of the purchase;
  • “Similar products” suggestion;
  • Personalized suggestions, such as NBO (Next Best Offer);
  • Behavioral analysis of customer stories on the preferred device;

Choosing the Vendor

2. Anticipation and Prevention of Future Problems

Incompatibility with Other Tools

Fixing Incompatibility

Data Protection

3. Using DMP or CRM together with CDP




Why Not Combine?

4. The Dilemma of Buying or Building

How Much Time Do We Have?

How Much Money Do We Have?

5. Investment in AI

One-On-One Communication

Marketing Campaigns


  • Make sure you know why you need it. Properly formulated expectations will help you choose the right vendor that will not waste your money.
  • Try to predict the issues that may possibly occur. Prevention of the problems is always easier than solving them.
  • Connect your CDP to DMP, CRM, or other marketing instruments that are already in use.
  • Decide whether to build or buy. Each of the options may suit you, depending on the situation.
  • Make sure your CDP has a strong AI. It will pay off in the future.



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