How to build MVP for the startup in the 3 months

What is an MVP?

Benefits of the MVP development vs developing a full-scale product

How to build an MVP in less than 4 months?

  1. Ready designs. As the customer was a musician himself, he knew the needs of his target audience firsthand and prepared the designs prior to contacting us, which is a rare occasion. This helped shorten the discovery phase significantly, as the discovery includes lots of work from BA and PM in addition to designs. Otherwise, the estimate would have been several weeks longer.
  2. In-depth discovery and expertise. Due to performing an in-depth discovery work and several of our core team members having relevant expertise, we were able to quickly define the best architecture for the project and implement it in full
  3. MoSCoW prioritization. We split the designs and specs by MoSCoW analysis techniques. This allowed to prioritize the most needed features and adjust the scope based on the end-user feedback
  4. Correct Product Owner. The customer filled in the Product Owner role due to being a niche expert and knowing all the challenges inside-out. He worked in close tandem with our Project Manager and team to solve all the tasks on the move
  5. Trust in the team. The customer trusted the team judgment to prioritize the features that give the most impact.

Things that can slow down or fail your MVP development

  • A team without relevant engineering experience/expertise/project management skills. This might result in an incorrect technology stack, product architecture, or project roadmap.
  • MVP scope is not managed properly. MVP must include only the core features and don’t adjust the scope mid-development. Otherwise, exceeding the budget becomes almost inevitable.
  • Lack of resources or qualification on the founder/startup side to steer MVP development. The startup founder should not be a passive observer. He/she must actively steer the team to prioritize effort on the critical tasks.
  • Not enough materials and information available to start an effective MVP development. If you start building a house without a proper foundation — it will crumble. The same goes for MVP development.


  • Working with a tech vendor skilled in delivering MVPs quickly. This must be proven by relevant cases and satisfied clients you can contact, not by testimonials and reviews alone.
  • Partnering with a CTO or tech advisor able to control the MVP development from a technological and process standpoint
  • An idea validation and market fit check before MVP development starts
  • An in-depth discovery phase to define the MVP scope and roadmap
  • 2-sided management of MVP scope. You, as well as MVP implementation, must secure the MVP scope and make sure it does not grow and include various great ideas and wishes that might come up during the implementation.



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