How Data Science is Used in FinTech Industry

Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence are the areas of knowledge with a universal range of applications in the modern world. The thing is that any business now is driven by information. Companies are integrating data science techniques into their workflows to drive businesses to a higher level of efficiency and Data Science and AI solutions are here to help.

Machine Learning, a branch of Data Science, can solve a number of logical problems as well as it is particularly good with everything that involves numbers, qualitative and quantitative data. In particular, Machine Learning can be used to gather and process enormous amounts of data. Moreover, the more tasks it solves, the better it learns, meaning that it only gets better with time.

A machine learning algorithm developed by a Machine Learning & AI company is actually a useful tool to use, as the folks in Machine Learning & AI can provide a lot of information about transactions, customers, accounts, remittances, etc. The result of processing this information can be put into practice, as financial companies, such as banks, investment funds, and others are actively using it already. Yet, data science can be applied to an incredibly wider scope of situations and business goals. Thus, let’s have a look at how data science can be of use to your business.

Fraud Detection and Prevention

It is not a secret that one of the most important indicators of a financial institution’s quality is the safety of assets it guarantees. It is not easy to reach a high level of safety and security of customers’ data. For this purpose, a company has to use a fraud detection system and an up-to-date database of criminals and fraudsters. The system must be well supported, supervised, and updated regularly.

The thing that makes Data Science perfect for this situation is that unusual user behavior may signal possible fraud. Such activities are impossible to track manually due to the enormous quantity of financial transactions and processes associated with them. Meanwhile, when you have a Data Science engineer, they can automate the process by creating an algorithm that would track the aforementioned activities automatically.

Another benefit of the Data Science application is that this technology educates itself in the process. As a result, the more data you feed it, the more experienced it becomes. In particular, such a system may detect fake documents, duplicated transactions, and invoices, as well as identifying theft or any suspicious activity.

Risk Assessment and Management

Every Machine Learning & AI development company would recommend you to prioritize financial risk assessment and safety. Moreover, technology has altered and refined this area, as well as the entire financial sector. For instance, new machine learning models make it possible to calculate and manage risks much more efficiently. Owing to such technologies, companies can feel more confident in the market.

Competitors, legislators, investors, even your own clients may be a threat to your business. For example, not knowing what your consumers want is a huge setback to your competitive aptitude. Besides, businesses face different situations, and you have to assess your risks while simultaneously understanding potential losses and growth opportunities stemming from them. Such an assessment requires keeping in mind a lot of information, including raw data which is extremely hard to process.

Therefore, it is more than reasonable, it is vital to digitalize these processes, and that is where complex self-learning algorithms of Data Science come in handy. They can process data and calculate risks efficiently. Furthermore, they will help you build a model for your organization’s further sustainable development.

Data Science will also help you manage your decision-making when it comes to loans. Credit scoring is another important area of Data Science that can be used in finance. Machine learning algorithms are capable of analyzing all the most important factors that determine borrowers’ solvency, including modeling of past costs.

It seems like risk assessment and management is a perfect task for machine learning. Harness the potential offered by a Machine Learning & AI development company, automate your processes, and let your personnel deal with the tasks that require a rather creative and not mechanical approach. The result will quite likely exceed your expectations, as you’ll start seeing the revenue channels bursting up where they used to be invisible.

Customer Data Management

Data are one of the most important resources for any company, and their management is crucial for business success. However, the variety and quantity of data in the field of finance are too big to handle manually. Moreover, most of it is very poorly structured. Digitalization of these data would be considered half-a-battle. Storing the data in a structured manner and processing it will bring you the real, tangible value of using it.

Hence, you should know that AI engines can help you deal with this task quickly and efficiently by analyzing mammoth amounts of text and turning it into structured information. AI applies natural language processing technologies, data mining, and text analytics to deal with this task. A great example of Data Science use in this area can be the analysis of how the markets are being impacted by the study of consumer data and behavior on social media.


Customers will always choose an offer that is specifically designed to cater to their personalized needs. Yet, who says that the customer must be the one forming those priorities? Artificial Intelligence can take over this task with ease and create offers that will surely resonate with particular groups of people.

Personalization is a big trend in the modern digital-driven business. The better company can guess what customer needs, the higher are chances to gain more revenue. The same rule is applied to the field of finance because clients find it much more convenient to use the services of a bank that offers you something based on your level of income, a service that would suit your particular and complicated case.

The Data Science services delivered by a Machine Learning & AI development company are the tool to provide this personalization for your clients. They can help your fintech mobile app development team create an app that tracks user behavior, thus giving you an insight into the wider picture of your business. Thus, you’ll be able to make better large-scale decisions, while the AI component will keep on supplying the users with unique and personalized offers. As a result, your company gets its customers more engaged, which is pivotal for today’s businesses.

Harnessing the Data Science potential, your understanding of your target audience’s needs will reach far beyond the human level. Your understanding of the audience with Data Science is far beyond the human level. Not only does it concern the preferences of the customers but also gives you the tools to be able to predict their behavior. Furthermore, if you manage to gather intelligence from an extended group of people, you will be able to predict user behavior on a massive scale, which will lead to you knowing the future trends or, for instance, the probability of currency fluctuations.

As far as the consumers are concerned, there is even more of what you can achieve. For instance, with voice recognition technology you will be able to provide outstanding customer service without spending loads of money on contact centers. Though, it is only one example of what you can achieve in personalization with Data Science solutions delivered by a Machine Learning & AI development company. In reality, the possibilities are almost limitless.


Real-time analytics is a powerful game-changer in today’s fintech. As the field of activities that require information processing, the fintech industry has received the possibility to analyze a lot of data from different sources to track the changes in it and offer the best options to intervene, prevent or mitigate the adversities.

This use case is quite similar to the previous, but it is important to emphasize the proactive aspect associated with it. In plain English, you can do wonderful things with all of the customer’s information. For example, you can track users’ behavior to timely detect and understand a user’s interest in a particular product. This may also give you an idea about the customers’ reaction to your future products. In such a way, this is a neoteric approach to building a proactive marketing strategy that predicts your clients’ wishes in advance.

The more advanced version of the opportunities described above is predictive analytics. It is a technological analog of the ability to foresee the future. With such knowledge, you can choose the strategies you developed beforehand and act now to influence future events. Predictive analytics uses the data from social media and the entire Internet to keep you up to speed regarding the things you might expect to happen with your business in the near or distant future. Thus, a Machine Learning & AI development company can empower you to gather information in order to predict anything from prices to stock market moves.


Data Science is the source of limitless possibilities when it comes to talking about finance. Our world has gone digital, and there is a lot of unused data that can be gathered and analyzed to bring your company a long list of unprecedented benefits. As well as Data Science can solve the existing issues by increasing your productivity, it can also offer new decisions that will take your business to a new level.

In fact, Data Science offers more than that as it supplies your business with automation opportunities, which is a core necessity of every modern business. Altogether, it will give you a possibility to easily win customer loyalty, stand out from the competition, and improve your business.